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Piloxing Class

Piloxing is a mixture of boxing, pilates and cardio/dance style fitness. We box, bop and bounce our way through the class wearing weighted overhand gloves, sweat and a smile! The class closes with a 10 minute floor based section, focusing on core, upper and lower body strength.

Beginners - Advanced Fitness Levels Welcome.


Circuits Class

This full body strength and fat-burning class is a fantastic way to begin or maintain your active lifestyle. We work on building muscular strength, improving joint mobility, burning fat, building ore strength and more! The format of the class varies week to week and will involve all sorts of challenging equipment, for example;


Hand Weights

Resistance Bands



Medicine Balls

This keeps things interesting and ensures that your body doesn't get complacent with the same routine.

Recommended for Beginners - Intermediate Levels

Running Shoes


Boxercise Class

This stress busting, strength building and fat busting class is fantastic. Connecting body and mind as we jab, hook and uppercut our way to better mental and physical health! Boxercise involves partner work with pads and gloves so it's a great class to join with a friend, partner, family member, or a fab way to meet new faces. The class also involves cardio fitness, agility, body weight fitness 

& core. I strive to achieve an all round challenging session each week and regularly mix up the style and routine of the classes.

Beginners - Advanced Fitness Levels Welcome.



H.I.I.T Class

High Intensity Interval Training has been in the lime light within the industry for some time now, why? Because it's awesome! The after affects of a H.I.I.T style workout on the metabolism and fat burning rate is amazing and is achieved in short intense bursts of energy. We work on 4 workout sections in this class targeting different areas of fitness and low/high impact options are provided throughout the session to ensure everyone can get the best challenge for their individual fitness whilst feeling included, accomplished and encouraged!

Beginners - Advanced Fitness Levels Welcome.


Mat Based Pilates Class

In this class we work on standing and floor based exercises, aiming to improve posture, body awareness, core stability, joint mobility, flexibility and more. The class runs smoothly through a mobility warm up, breathing, core connection, balance, exercise sequences, releasing stretches, and relaxation, leaving you feeling well worked yet relaxed and refreshed.

Beginners - Experienced Levels Welcome.

Stability Ball and Stretching Band


Cardio & Core Class

This early morning blast is sure to fire you into the weekend with a buzz! The style of this class varies each week from; HIIT, Tabata, Circuit or AMRAP, and sometimes even a mixture of them all. The aim is to wake you up, get you sweating, strengthen your core, and provide you with a cup of positivi-tea!

Beginners - Advanced Fitness Levels Welcome. (options will happily be provided)

Gym Class


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