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Don't be afraid to be a beginner

We have all been a beginner once.

It can be very daunting to start anything new, especially a new fitness regime.

Most things are not easy in the beginning - but they are usually worth all the hard work & effort in the end.

If you do feel afraid/worried, that's okay, we all do sometimes. But we need to strive to not let fear hold us back from our full potentials.

I think it's so to know that you are not alone as a beginner & that you are just as welcome in any gym/class environment as an experienced fitness enthusiast - after all, every fitness enthusiast started somewhere!

It is my aim to ensure all fitness levels (beginners - advanced) feel confident, comfortable and challenged within my classes.

Feeling self conscious isn't a great feeling but it's one we have all felt at some point in our lives. As a beginner you should not feel judged, you should be proud of taking the first step to a happier & healthier you.

If you ever do feel judged or bullied along the way, remember that the negativity and nastiness is a reflection of them, not you. Forget them, you are amazing and that's that.

I have always been blessed with a fantastic bunch of people attending my classes who welcome new members with a smile and encourage each other along the way & I am so grateful for this. Thank you lovely people.

If you have any doubt about starting your journey to better health then please get in touch!

Be proud of being a beginner & stay proud every step of the way.

Be happy, be healthy, be you. Sarah💚

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