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Exercising for Fat Loss

The votes are in... one of the most requested posts was what exercises were the best for promoting FAT LOSS.

Firstly I want to point out that the best fat loss results will be made in the kitchen. Without a nutritious and balanced diet, exercise can only take you so far.

Secondly, lets get onto the good stuff. What exercise would I recommend? There are lots of choices when it comes to exercising to burn fat... but please remember any movement is better than none!

1. Walking/Jogging - Walking is a great way for us all to burn fat, especially for beginners. Jogging is one way you can intensify your walking routine, or you can hit the fells to get the lungs and legs burning! You need 0 equipment to enjoy this type of exercise, but i would advise a good pair of shoes to support your feet and joints. One way to help MOTIVATE yourself with this type of exercise is the set a STEP GOAL (this will only work with a pedometer or a smartwatch to track your movements). The average goal is 10,000 steps per day, but the main reason this is set is to encourage lots of movement throughout the day. There is not a lot of science behind it, however the results are amazing as who doesn't love reaching a goal?! If you are just starting out, set yourself an achievable target that you can increase over time. Being CONSISTENT, and increasing intensity over time is essential for PROGRESSION.

2. Resistance/Weight Training - Whether you are lifting weights in the gym, at home, or a fitness class (Circuits :D) this type of training is amazing for ALL AGES. The reason this type of training is highly recommended for aiding fat loss is the fact increased muscle mass increases our RMR (resting metabolic rate = the rate we burn calories whilst resting). As we lift weights consistently over time with gradual progression our muscles grow (increasing our muscle mass), which means our body will burn more calories daily to provide energy for our muscles. So not only do you burn calories whilst in your session, you burn more regularly even when you are resting. Win, win hey? Along with promoting fat loss this type of training provides the following benefits; - Builds bone density (which naturally decreases with age) - Decreases likeliness of injury (as long as the exercise is done correctly) - Reduces the risk of heart disease & diabetes - Makes you feel great and enhances your mood - Increases your strength & performance And there are so many more benefits.

3. Interval Training/HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - I love this type of training, and always look forward to it on a Thursday night 6pm! This type of exercise is fantastic for burning calories in a short amount of time. You can do HIIT workouts for anywhere from 10-60 minutes and build a sweat, as long as you work to 80% of your maximum fitness on the high bursts. Like any exercise, you get results for the work you put in. Typically HIIT will work 30 seconds high energy exercise : 30 seconds low energy/rest, but it can do done in 40:20 or 20:10 intervals. 20 work :10 rest is a great format for beginners, and 40:20 can be fantastic for intermediate-advanced fitness levels. HIIT can be done solely with bodyweight exercises or it can be mixed up with resistance work too. The world is your oyster! You can incorporate this type of training into your walking or jogging routine too making it a fantastic and varied choice. This type of high energy fitness is a great stress reliever too.

4. Pilates/Yoga/Mobility - These types of training aren't typically everyone's top choice for fat loss, however when you enjoy an exercise session you are more likely to stick to it for the long-term. These types of exercises are low-impact but they make amazing changes to your posture, balance, core strength, and aid injury rehabilitation. CONSISTENCY will be your good friend when you are aiming to reduce your body fat %.

Enjoyment = Motivation = Consistency. Find what you enjoy. Find what makes you sweat. Find your motivation. Put in the WORK.

**Reminder** exercise promotes fat loss, but for the best results you need to create healthy, nutritious, and balanced eating habits.

If you've found this post interesting and insightful please let me know, and let me know what you'd like to see next!🤓

Sarah x

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