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Note to self ✍🏼


It can be so easy to fall into bad habits where you feed all of your spare time and energy into distractions but what I realise more everyday is that time becomes wasted energy, wasted moments and wasted potential. For example, my biggest distractions are tv box sets - sad, I know - but if I get sunken in to episode one, booooom I can be hooked for weeks straight, wanting to spend every spare second staring at a screen. When I reflect on that thought it saddens me and I know that part of the reason I sink into distractions is because I’m scared to feed my passion, scared of judgements others may make and scared that I might fail. These are hard truths to face, but I have posted this to remind people that if you fall into similar distractive loop holes too, we need to have more faith in ourselves. We need to feed our focus and see where it takes us! If we fail along the way, failure is only a stepping stone to success. We can do it, we can live it; but first we have to work blooooomin’ hard at it, starving distractions and channeling our energy, moments and potential into being the best version of ourselves that we can.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Be happy, be healthy, be you.

Sarah 💚

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