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'I’ve been going to Sarah’s Boxercise and HIIT classes for a month now. The classes really do push you but also you can do to your own level and pace. I love the energy and passion that Sarah has and she really encourages you. Even after a bad day I come out feeling so much better! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their fitness but have fun at the same time! Thank you Sarah!'

Nicole T

'Sarah is brilliant, so professional, encourages you to push yourself to achieve results.
Highly recommend'

Lauren C

'Love going to Sarah’s classes. She is so enthusiastic about what she does and inspires the class to fulfil their potential.'

Janet L

'An absolute amazing lady, with so much passion for what she does!!! Love love love your classes, and the effort and encouragement you put in to them. Iv been coming for two months now, and have lost count of the number of people who comment saying they can notice the changes in my body shape. Honestly can not recommend highly enough!!! Thank you'

Tammie H

'Have taken Sarah's HIIT class since December and still going strong I feel I have more energy and definitely toned up. She supports you whatever level your is and gives you different options depending on your comfort zone, but also encourages you to push yourself. Lovely lady, great instructor, would highly recommend'

Abigail T

'I have never been so sweaty and gross in my life, but the feeling afterwards is incredible and I can't wait to feel the burn tomorrow! 135649% recommended if you are beginning a fitness journey or fancy a change from the same workouts! Sarah you are an inspirational babe thank you'

Laura S

'I joined Sarah train to gain trial for January . It is the best thing I have done !! All of the workout were fantastic and suited all abilities which allowed me work towards the harder exercises and also review my own progress throughout the month . She had top tips on nutrition and foods we should be eating. She was supportive , approachable and with you through every step. I personally lost 9lb , feel fitter and more comfortable in myself . I also went to Sarah HIIT session at Kirby Kendal school and I’ve signed up for another month and I’m going to try some of her other classes . Thanks to Sarah I’ve had a positive start to the year and can’t wait to start February !!'

Amie D

'After having a baby I was really nervous about starting exercising again (Even with my background in Fitness Instructing!!) Pilates seemed like the best option to start with and Sarah's class was perfect for getting back into it! Not only did it make me very aware of my poor posture but made me use and engage my core muscles that had become weak during pregnancy. Sarah is very knowledgeable and can guide and advise on different levels to work at making you feel very at ease, her class has a lovely atmosphere and I'm really looking forward to going again next week! Thank you Sarah!'

Hannah M

'I’ve enjoyed a range of Sarah’s classes, both live & recorded.
Piloxing, HIIT, Body conditioning & Pilates; Sarah has an extensive library to select from. She is always so enthusiastic, makes the class fun, whilst also encouraging you to work to potential. Sarah demonstrates different levels, so all abilities are catered for ensuring everyone is included. If you make a mistake, it’s fine, no one judges you. 
I’ve also been fortunate to have private PT with Sarah & this year had workouts on My PT Hub. Here, Sarah designed workouts to fit my particular needs, e.g. core focus, cardio or weights. Each exercise has a short video to demonstrate technique, which is so helpful at the beginning or just as a reminder, at a later date. 
I would highly recommend Sarah Brook Fitness, whether it’s to design a personal programme or attend a class. Sarah is an excellent role model. Thank you so much.'

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